Builder Checklist

PLANS  Concept sketched. Scaled, hand drawn foundation plans. Floor plans & elevation drawings. Ergonomically & historically correct, ready for engineering & auto cad.

BUDGET  Projected hard cost plus 15%.

FOUNDATION  4000 PSI poured walls over 4000 PSI continuous spread. Footings w/ (5) # 5 rebar continuous, formed over 90% compacted soil.

SECURITY Construction fence & entry gates. Infrared night vision security cameras with live feed (Home owners can log in 24/7) DVR & cloud back up.

SITE PREP  Root free site prep. Soil borings. Seismic testing.

FLOOR SYSTEM  Engineered ¾” T & G Advantech subfloor over engineered floor joist system. Glued & screwed over galvanized steel i-beams.

WALL FRAMING  5/8” storm wall plywood over 2”x 6” engineered studs.

HEADERS  Engineered solid LVL’s.

HARDWARE CONNECTIONS  Solid 2”x10” blocking between studs for all towel/toilet paper bars.

FLASHING AND HOUSEWRAP  Proper, siding-like installation that resists driving, hydro-static & runoff water. (Hardie Housewrap over 30 lb. felt) Grace Vycore Plus, copper head flashings and valley flashings.

ROOFING SYSTEM  Finished roof over ice & water shield (entire roof) over ¾” plywood glued and screwed to rafters.

CORNICE  Exterior cornice trim entablatures, Charleston, New England & Philadelphia vernaculars are applied based on the client’s preferences. All vernaculars meet the Historic criteria 100%. Trim package consists of cellular PVC glued to framing, applied with 316 stainless nails, all joints welded with Christy’s red hot glue.

SIDING  Factory primed & painted fiber cement siding with a true ½” bevel maintaining a proper shadow line that meet the Historically Correct criteria applied with snapped lines on every course to insure equal symmetry then affixed to studs only with 316 stainless steel ring shank nails on bond.

HVAC  Multiple High/Low air returns with seasonal dampers, state of the art commercial coil duct, Ionic filtration, multiple thermostats with computerized dampers to create multiple zones, WI-FI Thermostats, Powder Coated aluminum air handlers hung from isolation blocks to absorb vibration. Radiant Baseboard Heat. (Optional)

PLUMBING  Old school copper lines, PVC lined silent cast drains, 1” main supply, instant hot circulating water heaters, reverse osmosis filtration system, California faucets and toilet shut off valves.

ELECTRICAL  Circuit per room wiring, marine devices, 200 amp service per 2000 SF., back-up generator Transfer switch.

SMART HOUSE  Structured wiring system (Inherent Brain) audio visual, security cameras, lighting control, phone, computer, Internet, satellite, alarm, fire. smoke, carbon monoxide, radon, WIFI controls, central vacuum.

ZERO TRANSITIONS  Wood to tile floors, bath to shower Floors, (floor joist are dropped 2” for all tile applications to receive tile over wet bed) All showers are curbless.

ERGONOMICS  User friendly applications such as swiss vanity walls (1/2 wall behind vanities), proper flow: rooms are not connected by rooms, they are always entered by defined central open hallways. This ensures ergonomically correct environment.

STAIRCASE   Offering a seamless ergonomically correct experience, we install Non Track Home Stairs. Built with a leading ½ tread at the floor level and an ending ½ tread at the top landing floor level. This allows for a proper flow railings. Finished treads are 11 ¾” x 7 ¼”: the most comfortable and safest stair in the world.

INSULATION  California Hybrid Insulation package. Batt insulation over 2” of closed cell spray foam, offering highest R-value while allowing the wall, floor & ceiling cavities to remain accessible.

DRYWALL  5/8” Glued & screwed M.R. board, installed one sheet at a time for proper adhesion. Finished to a level five standard, the highest level of finish quality.

INTERIOR TRIM  All doors are hung in our shop on true ¾” solid jamb stock with square butt ball bearing hinges, All casing trim is prefabricated using the three part method, One: beaded historic flat stock is butt joined via style and rail glued & pocket screwed on the back side (Cabinet Joint) Two: Back band is applied to the perimeter glued and stainless nailed, Three: Base Plinth is glued & pocket screwed to base. Baseboards are all custom run 1”x8” stock with electrical receptacles inherent, Stair rake & Landing ceilings boast beam and panel.

FLOORING  Old School hardwoods ¾” white oak with ¾” x 1” Santos mahogany inlays, sanded, stained and urethaned.

PAINT PACKAGE  Body shop technology for a flawless finish, doors are removed and sprayed, drywall and windows taped off then all interior trim is sprayed, caulk joints from wood to drywall are non shrink settled, non shrink epoxy is used to fill nail holes, all surfaces are sanded with a compost reduction system. All stained surfaces are refinished in our shop.